Sunday, January 12, 2014

Christmas 2013

This Christmas was very low-key and quiet at our house, which was just fine for us.  Parkers has definitely reached the age where she knows what's going on and what to expect.  Mo's just along for the ride, and Liam has no idea!  Santa brought lots of books, and Ipad Mini, Bitty Baby twins, and a new bike for Mo.  The girls were thrilled with their gifts!  This Christmas was bittersweet, b/c we both realized that it was our last in Germany, but next year we would be surrounded by family....so a pretty good trade off :).

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Here Comes Santa Clause....

This year Santa came to Hohenfels in the middle of a blizzard.  We (me) opted not to brave the storm to see Santa.  Tears were shed and promises were made.....unfortunately, Parker now remembers what she is promised.  So last weekend I took all 3 to Grafenwoehr, to see Santa.  Luckily, Mo and Liam slept for the 1+ hour drive, Parker did not....  I had decided before we even left the house that Liam would be skipping the "lap sitting" this year.  The thought of having him being held by Santa (and most likely a gazillion germs) was too much.  So in order to hold myself to my decision, I didn't even dress him up that day, I purposefully left him in a zipper sleeper that on most occasions, is not allowed out of the house.  I knew that by doing this, there would be no temptation to put him in Santa's lap :).  The girls did great, no tears, but again....I was unable to catch a photo of both looking at the camera.

On a different note, Parker LOVES this new "twirly" dress!

Holiday Pictures 2013

The first weekend in December we attempted holiday pictures with all 3 kids.  I would say that we were about 75% successful.  The photographer was able to get good pictures of all 3......seperately, but none (that I thought were great) of all 3 together.  Oh well, maybe next year.  Of course I immediately ordered Christmas cards (Dec 3), but as of today, 12/21, they have yet to arrive.............Again, maybe next year :)

November 2013...hmmm....

So the truth be told, I don't really remember much about November.  Judy was here the first week and then John was on rotation.  Our week with Judy was spent lounging around the house, shopping, and eating.  John left the 2nd or 3rd and was gone until the day before Thanksgiving....the month was looooong.  The kids and I got ourselves into a good rhythm and made it through without any major drama/trauma :).  The day after Thanksgiving we left the littles with Melanie and Ileana, first babysitter for Liam, and we took Parker to a HUGE indoor playground.  Lolihop, is the biggest indoor playground in Germany.  It is in a remote part of Munich that we had never been to.  It was like our beloved Wolpiland x10.  Parker had fun and they even had face painting.  We were greeted back home by a snow storm!  One thing is for sure, winter is here :).

Sunday, December 1, 2013

October (the rest of it) 2013

Before Ebby went home we visited the Kuchlbauer brewery near Munich.  The best way to describe it would be the "Willy Wonka" brewery.  It was truly unique.  The beer was horrible, but the place was neat. I am sure that Liam was their youngest visitor at two weeks old!

The rest of the month was kind of a blur.  Ebby went home, John went on rotation, and then like a light the end of the tunnel, Juju arrived around the 26th!  I was so glad to have Juju, she was able to provide me with some help and much needed relief after a mere two weeks on my own.  This three kids thing is no joke, I suppose them being so close together makes it challenging as well....  While Juju was here we visited a pumpkin patch, and brought WAY too many pumpkins home with us....

Halloween was fun.  Everyone did well while we were trick-or-treating, but unfortunately we didn't take pictures until afterwards, when everyone was NOT happy!

Aunt Stacey and Regan sent all sorts of goodies to make cookies, the girls loved it!  Parker might have gotten slightly carried away with the sprinkles :).

Liam is 4 weeks old!